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A BETTER IDEA For Patient Financing

Upgrading the patient payment experience just got easier.

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Engage your ​patients earlier and more often to transform your revenue cycle performance.

Our omni-channel engagement approach connects patients to their financing and payment options through multiple channels of communication – email, text-to-pay, patient portal, postal mail, and more. With CarePayment, providers can tailor the financial experience to each of their patients, improving net collections and enhancing patient satisfaction.

A unique 0.00% APR patient financing program that is designed to put healthcare consumers first, while driving ROI for providers:

Delivers on average a 2x – 5x return over current performance

No interest to patients, ever

No application ─ everyone qualifies and all patients accepted*

Digital-first engagement

Affordable payment terms of 6-72 months

Ability to add future charges to plan

All balances are consolidated and billed at the guarantor level on a single statement

The most comprehensive solution offers both an opt-in and a pre-bad debt programs that auto engages patients

74 Net Promoter Score for member experience

*requires complete account information

"CarePayment has truly been a blessing to our family. There was no way we could have paid this charge without CarePayment."

- 2021 CarePayment Member Survey

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