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0.00% APR Interest-Free Patient Financing

How CarePayment Helps

High-deductible health plans are on the rise, and medical debt is the leading cause of debt and bankruptcy in the U.S. People of every walk of life and age group can find themselves at some point struggling to cover medical costs. That is why healthcare providers partner with CarePayment to offer their patients payment options with no interest (0.00% APR) and flexible terms. CarePayment is not a collection agency or credit card company, and will not affect your credit rating.


0.00% APR

(Annual Percentage Rate)

You pay no interest on your medical expenses with our 0.00% APR open-ended line of credit.


Low Monthly Payments

Manageable monthly payments allow you to pay your balance over time.


Flexible Terms

Flexible payment terms keep your monthly balance affordable with options to adjust your payment if new charges are added.


No Impact on Credit Score

We are not a collection agency or a credit card company, and we do not affect your credit score.

Provider Network

Find a Provider

CarePayment is available in more than 2,000 facilities across the U.S. If you can’t find a CarePayment provider in your area, complete this form and we will work to partner with your area's providers to offer CarePayment.

Payment Options

Already a CarePayment member? Choose one of the options listed below that best suits your needs.

Pay Online

To make a one-time secure payment online by either credit card or checking account, please login or register for online services.

Automatic Payments

To set up automatic payments, you will first need to create an online profile. There are currently 2 options for automatic payments:

1. Automatic Checking Account Payments

To set up, please login to our member portal, or you can complete the automatic payment authorization form, attach your statement stub and a check and mail it to:

P.O. Box 2398
Omaha, NE 68103

2. Recurring Credit Card Payments

To set up, login to our member portal.

Mail In

To mail in a payment using a check or money order, please include your statement stub and mail to:

P.O. Box 2398
Omaha, NE 68103

Call In

To make a one-time secure payment over the phone, please call:


Text to Pay

To pay, please login to our member portal. You will be prompted to save your credit card information and then will be able to enroll in Text to Pay.

Third Party Authorization
Because we must comply with HIPAA privacy laws as well as consumer lending laws and regulations, only authorized third parties can obtain information about your account, manage your account online, and make payments. To authorize someone else to access your account and make a payment on your behalf, login to the Member Portal, then complete and submit a Third Party Authorization Form.

Patient Stories

The CarePayment Plan was really great for me and I'm sure it would be great for anyone else. It helped me 100%.”

– Carl, Patient

See how CarePayment is helping patients effectively manage their medical expenses.

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Patient Testimonials

“CarePayment came along and it was a great thing. It was so perfect! So, thank you for being there. I was very happy because I don’t want to not pay my bill it was just crazy at that time."

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