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August 10, 2021

CarePayment Enhances Omni-Channel Approach With New Digital Capabilities to Increase Financial Engagement and Patient Satisfaction

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(NASHVILLE, Tenn.) – August 10, 2021

CarePayment, a patient financing and payments industry leader that partners with healthcare providers to offer 0.00% APR financing to patients, launched its expanded omni-channel engagement program. The expansion includes the redesign of the CarePayment website and member portal and a partnership with a global independent marketing cloud to power the new digital outreach and campaigns, all to bring a more consumer-like experience to patient financing and payments.

“Patients expect their healthcare financing and payment journey to be the same as any other consumer product or service experience, and it is our job to meet them where they are in their journey to ensure we optimize engagement and payments on behalf of our provider partners. These engagement program enhancements are part of CarePayment’s ongoing strategy to maintain our leadership position in the industry,” said Laura Aylward, CarePayment’s vice president of marketing and engagement.

Using targeted, intelligence-based communication, CarePayment personalizes the outreach experience for each patient based on preferences and activity, starting with digital outreach and incorporating other channels depending on the patient’s interactions. This omni-channel approach is designed to meet patients wherever they are in their financial journey at the right time, with the right message, using the right tactic – all to increase program enrollment and payments.

Over the last two years CarePayment has invested significantly in developing a robust omni-channel approach to engagement and member support that includes the integration of email, text, postal mail, portal, secure messaging, IVR and live agent interactions, and employer and community-based marketing programs to seamlessly drive awareness, engagement, enrollment, and payments. Being digital-first but not digital-only plays a key role in CarePayment’s ability to reach more patients than any other solution in the industry and improve financial performance for providers.

“In our more than 16 years in patient financing, we have engaged more patients than any other patient financing partner, and the payment and engagement analytics we have as a result drive our investment and innovation strategy,” said Ed Caldwell, CEO of CarePayment. “We know healthcare consumers are not all the same, and a single channel approach would not be successful for our provider partners. Our consumer-driven engagement program includes multiple tactics and channels, including digital, to ensure we meet every patient where they are in their financial journey.”

With the addition of new digital capabilities and digital-first engagement and enrollment, as well as the enhancement of existing patient touchpoints, CarePayment can now engage more patients earlier and more often in the revenue cycle, driving payment assurance for providers and increasing both patient satisfaction and collections.

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About CarePayment

CarePayment is a patient financing company that accelerates healthcare providers’ transition to the new consumer-driven healthcare market. Powered by advanced technology and analytics, our innovative patient financing solutions improve patient satisfaction and loyalty while delivering superior financial results. By partnering with healthcare providers to make affordable financial options available, CarePayment helps patients get the care they need, when they need it, while protecting the financial health of provider organizations so they can continue to offer valuable care to the community. CarePayment’s patient-friendly financing is compliant with applicable state and federal consumer credit laws, requires no application, and is supported by a friendly US-based customer service staff. Accounts for the program are issued by Republic Bank & Trust Company, Member FDIC. Find more information at