CarePayment is Different

We will engage more patients than anyone else. We will drive increased volume and loyalty to your brand, making you stronger financially. And we will treat your patients with care and respect

Why CarePayment

Increased Collections. More Cash

Delivers on average a 2x return over current performance

74 Net Promoter Score

Drives patient volume and loyalty to your brand


Leverages your brand with the patient to deliver complete clinical & financial health

Healthcare and Consumer Finance Expertise

Our experience leads to seamless implementation and less stress for staff

Contractual Guarantee

Performance guarantees ensure incentives are aligned and protects against financial risk

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Innovative financial engagement built for you and your patients.

Simplifying the revenue cycle by placing providers and their patients at the core of everything we do.

With configurable patient financial engagement solutions, CarePayment’s integrated, 0.00% APR patient financial engagement platform allows you to pick the best solution for your organization, and your patients.

calendar iconPre-Care Enrollment

Pre-care digital enrollment empowers patients earlier in their medical journey to get the care they need without the anxiety of wondering how they'll pay their medical bills.

Beginning as early as the time of estimation, pre-care enrollment is a self-directed and digital engagement feature that supports a better financial experience for patients, while guaranteeing pre-service payment assurance for providers.

enrollment iconPost-Care Enrollment

CarePayment relieves financial anxiety for patients after they are left with out-of-pocket expenses. Post-care enrollment provides an alternative for patients looking to pay their medical bills with more flexible and affordable repayment terms. 

For providers on Epic, patients can enroll in CarePayment's zero-interest payment plans, view their amount owed, and pay their low monthly balance all through CarePayment's MyChart integration.

Pre-Bad Debt Auto Engagementlaptop icon with puzzle piece

Our pre-bad debt auto engagement drives more cash to providers than any other program in the industry.

We reach 100% of your patients with automatic placement of aged accounts into our long-term payment plan with immediate provider financing. Timing of placement is configurable to each provider's needs.

payment iconPayment Plan & Aged AR Conversions

One-time placement of existing payment plans or aged AR inventory that is loaded and funded based on provider requirements. Drives immediate net new cash and eliminates refund requirements in conversion from other financing vendors.

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