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The patient billing and collection environment presents new challenges for providers in helping their patients afford the care they need within regulatory guidelines, while also maintaining revenue vital to serving their communities.

North Carolina has introduced a measure intended to better protect patients by:

Implementing income-based payment plans

Setting clear requirements for the provision of charity care

Limiting “unreasonable” interest rates

Preventing unfair debt collection practices

Now more than ever, providers need a patient financial engagement partner that meets the needs of providers and patients - all while maintaining compliance by offering adjustable, zero-interest payment plans.

At CarePayment, our compliance and legal team is working directly with North Carolina providers to operationalize the income-based payment plan requirements provisioned by the North Carolina Medical Debt De-Weaponization Act, as well as establish a clear patient communication strategy, in order to make sure our partners comply with any pending implementation dates.



CarePayment's patient financial engagement platform adheres to existing legislation and NC H.B. 1039. Because of this, North Carolina providers can count on us for maintained compliance, the highest capture of earned revenue and increased patient satisfaction.

To learn more about CarePayment’s fully compliant patient financial engagement platform and how we can help navigate new North Carolina-specific legislation, fill out the form and a CarePayment expert will be in touch soon.

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