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How a $1B, 7-Hospital Health System Increased Self-Pay Collections and Improved Patient Experience with CarePayment


As it becomes more difficult for patients to pay their medical bills, providers face challenges in financially engaging all their patients, resulting in a decreased collection of their earned revenue and large sums of outstanding self-pay balances.

With an outstanding self-pay balance of $145 million, this health system with 600,000+ annually served patients met challenges when it came to truly financially engaging their patients in a way that would meet both the health system’s needs, as well as their patients.

They sought to rethink their patient engagement strategy, and the CarePayment patient financial engagement platform offered the solution they needed. By introducing flexible patient financing plans with zero interest and no application, the health system was able to engage 100% of their patients. Not only did this increase revenue for the provider and overall patient satisfaction during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it also freed up precious time and resources for the provider’s staff to focus on delivering the highest quality care possible.

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