Zero-Interest Patient Financing under Changing Legislation: Boosting Financial Wellness for All


Medical credit cards and interest-bearing solutions are under continued fire for their contribution to the medical debt crisis and how they disproportionately affect disadvantaged communities. The CFPB, HHS and U.S. Department of Treasury launched an inquiry into these high-cost medical financial products, furthering the need for providers to focus on more patient-centered financing strategies for maintained collection of earned revenue, uninterrupted operations, and compliance.

Join our latest webinar to learn how zero-interest patient financing has emerged as a powerful tool to address the financial challenges faced by both patients and providers. We’ll explore how this innovative approach can break down health equity barriers and pave the way for a more financially engaged patient population.

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the financial challenges patients and providers are encountering in today's environment.
  • Explore the current state of healthcare financing and regulatory activity at the state and federal level.
  • Understand the negative impacts interest-bearing financing solutions have on patient well-being and provider reputations.
  • Discover how zero-interest patient financing can be leveraged to improve healthcare access and affordability, promoting health equity and patient satisfaction.

Samantha Roberts - Compliance Manager, CarePayment
Samantha Roberts has six years of experience at CarePayment as Compliance Manager. In her role, she is responsible for maintaining the compliance program, providing leadership and guidance, and ensuring continued adherence to CarePayment regulatory responsibilities

Buffy Loveday - RVP, CarePayment
Buffy Loveday has over 30 years of healthcare experience with outstanding leadership expertise spanning various roles. In her role CarePayment, she is responsible for expanding CarePayment’s network of provider partners and developing strategies for hospitals and health systems to instill best practices and create a foundation for revenue cycle excellence. She is heavily active within the Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA) and has held several leadership roles within HFMA, such as TN HFMA Programs and Education Chair, Chapter President, and Chairperson of the Board. Additionally, she has won the HFMA Yerger Award Recipient, Medal of Honor and the TN HFMA President’s Award.