Featured Provider Story

February 16, 2022

CarePayment Integrated Engagement Platform

Count on CarePayment for the highest capture of revenue and patient satisfaction through our integrated, 0.00% APR patient financial engagement platform.

Provider Story

March 3, 2021

CarePayment Comprehensive Patient Financing

Learn how our program engages patients throughout their healthcare financial journey.

Provider Story

January 1, 1970

Day Kimball Provider Story

day kimball provider story

At Day Kimball we want to make sure patients have every opportunity to seek out the services they need and be able to pay for them at the same time.

Provider Story

January 1, 1970

Beacon Health Provider Story

At Beacon Health once patients learn we’re truly there to help them and that CarePayment is there to help them, they don’t have to give up much needed healthcare.