Featured | September 9, 2021

Survey Finds Consumers Still Struggle to Afford Healthcare

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Nashville, Tenn., September 9, 2021 – A recent survey commissioned by CarePayment and conducted by Porter Research found that 42% of consumers delayed healthcare and 24% could not afford additional medical expenses without a financing plan due to COVID-19. According to the survey, delayed care was the number one way the pandemic impacted healthcare needs, followed by increased telemedicine and mental stress.

Conducted May – June 2021, Porter Research surveyed 2,500 CarePayment members, patients who are currently enrolled in CarePayment’s 0.00% APR patient financing solution, regarding the effects of the pandemic and the cost of healthcare if they were to pay medical bills in full rather than using the CarePayment program.

“We thought it was important to hear from our members about how they’ve been affected by COVID,” said CarePayment CEO Ed Caldwell. “Most of our members have high deductible health plans and only 19% actively save for a health event. The pandemic added another layer of difficulty that financially impacted families. Understanding these survey results has only fueled our mission to help make healthcare affordable for all Americans.”

The survey also found that consumers were struggling to pay medical bills independent of COVID, with two-thirds having difficulty affording their deductible. CarePayment members are also likely to have delayed their medical care if they were not able to use a patient financing plan for their out-of-pocket expenses. 45% stated they do not know how they would have paid for their medical expenses without CarePayment’s patient financing program, while 28% stated they never would have been able to pay their medical expenses without CarePayment.

According to the survey, consumers need more time to pay their medical bills. The majority want to pay for healthcare treatment costs with a financing plan for 12 months or longer. 91% stated it was easier to pay for medical expenses when they have at least 12 months to pay.

Consumers are also more likely to pay their bills through a 0.00% APR interest program vs. an interesting bearing program. 74% prefer to pay their future medical expenses with CarePayment’s interest-free solution, while 0% preferred a traditional interest-bearing financing program.

“This data proves what we’ve always known – people want to pay their bills. They just need more time and a compassionate solution that makes sense for their family,” said Caldwell. “With at least 12 months to pay and interest-free financing, the vast majority of patients are able to get the care they need without delay and pay their medical bills.”

The CarePayment program is co-branded to increase patient satisfaction and drive provider loyalty and trust. According to the survey, 73% of respondents were satisfied with their billing experience when the provider offered CarePayment.

CarePayment can be found in more than 2,000 provider locations throughout the country, serving over 6.1 million patients.

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