Press Release

August 1, 2010

Memorial Provider and Health Care Center Partners with CarePayment to Offer Patients an Interest-Free Payment Program

Portland, Ore. — August 1, 2010 — Jasper, Indiana – Memorial Provider and Health Care Center announced a new partnership today with CarePayment, an innovative program designed to provide patients with the ability to have more financial control over payment of their provider expenses. The new partnership enables Memorial Provider’s patients to pay for their provider services at a 0.0% Annual Percentage Rate over a 25-month period.

When the program goes into effect on August 23, 2010, it will make unexpected medical bills less burdensome especially for those who are uninsured or are facing high insurance plan deductibles, copayments, and other out-of-pocket costs.

“We continue to search for ways to improve our overall patient experience,” said E. Kyle Bennett, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer at Memorial Provider. “The CarePayment system is another way that we can offer our care and compassion while providing patients with a payment option that is manageable and convenient for them.”

CarePayment’s CEO Jim Quist added, “We’re proud of the opportunity to partner with Memorial Provider, and we look forward to providing a worthwhile benefit to the patients and community.

Regardless of insurance coverage, credit history or employment, Memorial Provider will refer patients automatically to CarePayment if they have a balance on their provider account two months after receiving their first statement. Through a pre-approved application process, the patient will receive a a 0.0% Annual Percentage Rate provider-sponsored loyalty card. The patient’s monthly minimum payment will be 4% of the account balance or $25, whichever is greater.

For more information about CarePayment, please call Memorial Provider’s Patient Financial Services staff at 482-0651.