Press Release

February 2, 2014

MedAssist Partners with CarePayment to Offer Patient Financing Solutions

Louisville, KY., and Portland, Ore. (February 12, 2014) – MedAssist has entered into a partnership with CarePayment to make affordable and flexible patient financing programs available as a complement to its eligibility, enrollment and revenue recovery services for hospitals and health systems nationwide. MedAssist’s healthcare clients will be able to choose from a variety of CarePayment financing programs that feature credit lines with terms of up to 72 months at 0.00% APR, with no application or credit check.

“Hospitals and health systems are searching for new ways to ensure patients receive the care they need while also getting paid for providing a valuable service. Patient financing is one of the most important answers because even those with insurance cannot escape the rising deductibles, co-pays and out-of-pocket costs that make it so difficult for people to pay their medical bills,” says Mitzi Winters, MedAssist Chief Operating Officer. “We want to make available the very best patient financing programs to our clients and their patients, and that is why we have partnered with CarePayment. Its financing programs are proven to increase provider revenues and recovery rates, but not at the expense of the patient. In fact, hospitals that partner with CarePayment see a rise in patient satisfaction because the programs are so patient-friendly.”

MedAssist’s Medical Advantage Plan is replacing an interest-bearing healthcare credit card in favor of CarePayment. MedAssist clients will now have the ability to make 0.00% APR financing available to patients, regardless of credit history, employment, or income. CarePayment also provides popular consumer financing features, including automatic payments, mobile and online account access, and choice of paper or electronic statements.  “It’s important to MedAssist that we make available to our clients and patients a financing program with easy enrollment and multiple, convenient ways to manage their accounts,” says Winters.

“MedAssist and CarePayment share common values and missions to provide world-class revenue cycle services while treating patients with respect and compassion,” says Craig Froude, CarePayment CEO. “Our financing programs are a natural extension of MedAssist’s eligibility and enrollment solutions, giving providers and patients more options that fit their ever-increasing needs to affordably access and pay for medical care.”

About CarePayment®
Headquartered in Lake Oswego, Oregon, CarePayment provides flexible healthcare finance solutions that improve financial performance for healthcare providers, increase patient satisfaction and loyalty, and are compliant with applicable state and federal consumer credit laws. CarePayment’s 0.00% APR payment program requires no application, has no impact on credit score, and is supported by a friendly US-based customer service staff. Accounts for the program are issued by WebBank of Salt Lake City, UT.

About MedAssist
MedAssist is one of the country’s leading advocates for uncompensated medical care. The company helps patients in need find paying solutions for their healthcare, while assisting hospital partners to resolve their revenue cycle challenges. Since 1989, MedAssist has served as an advocate for patients, working in concert with social services agencies in securing coverage for patient care, which supports the overall goal of healthcare reform to ensure access to affordable healthcare coverage.  MedAssist’s mission is to help hospitals and treat patients with compassion, dignity and respect.  MedAssist serves more than 900 clients, with a national presence that is supported by local solutions through 13 U.S. regional service centers and 1,500 employees.