Assessing Patient Financing Strategies: A Best Practice Overview with KLAS Research

May 11th | 12:00 pm CST


After an unprecedented year for healthcare providers of increased operating costs, rising interest rates, and acute staffing shortages impacting both patient volume and revenue cycle performance, financial leaders are looking for new strategies to increase revenue and decrease bad debt expense without compromising patient satisfaction.

To drive a better financial experience for patients that increases overall financial performance for their systems, providers have shown an increased interest in patient financing and are turning to trusted organizations like KLAS Research to provide data-driven insights into various patient financial engagement partners and platforms.

Join our webinar with two of KLAS Research's Research Directors, Gordon Bishop and Niel Oscarson, and CarePayment's VP of Account Management, Brian Barlet, to learn about KLAS Research’s recently released analysis of the patient financing sector and how incorporating compassionate patient financing into the overall revenue cycle process can remove financial barriers to care, engage more patients throughout their medical journey, and increase cash on hand.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the industry factors impacting providers that drive the need for innovative patient financial engagement
  • Review KLAS Research methodology and key insights into the patient financing landscape
  • Identify critical evaluation criteria for any organization that is looking to incorporate patient financing
  • Going beyond financial performance: Discuss what to look for in a partner vs. vendor


Brian Barlet - Vice President, Account Management, CarePayment

Brian Barlet leads the Account Management team, which is responsible for maintaining relationships with all healthcare partners utilizing the CarePayment program. He drives his team to optimize the workflow of CarePayment's partners and maximizes the value the CarePayment solution provides.

Gordon Bishop - Research Director, KLAS Research
Gordon Bishop serves as the Research Director, for KLAS Research with a focus on Patient Financing Services, Patient Engagement Services, RTLS, and Outsourced Coding. He previously held roles at Dynata, the largest global market research firm, Survey Sampling International, and Opinionology. He has previously worked with Franklin Covey, Medallia, Qualtrics, Millward Brown, MaPS, GFI, Marits CX, JDPower Associates.

Niel Oscarson - Research Director, ERP, Healthcare operations, Credentialing and RTLS, KLAS Research
Niel Oscaron serves as the Research Director for KLAS Research with a focus on ERP, Healthcare operations, Credentialing, and RTLS. He previously worked as the Director, Records Operations at FamilySearch and the Director, Customer Satisfaction and Engagement Research at Opinionology.

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