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Real Provider Results

How North Kansas City Hospital supports the community and empowers patients

Prior to CarePayment Partnership

  • Committed to caring for their community, NKCH took in patients regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Attempted to collect in-house with long-term payment plans, but often could not stretch payment plans long enough to truly help patients who couldn’t pay in full.
  • Due to this, NKCH racked up approximately $3M in bad debt over a six-month period.


CarePayment Solution at North Kansas City Hospital

  • 0.00% interest patient financing solution
  • 6-36 month payment plans based on the patient’s medical bill, with hardship offers available
  • Customized, co-branded messaging NKCH’s website and patient statements, driving success for the program overall



In 2019, CarePayment has generated:

  • $7.6M in net cash
  • Funding from program equates to .78% of total NPR
  • 9,100 new patients
  • 14,800 patients touched by program annually
  • Less than 7% default rate on engaged accounts



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bed nonprofit, acute care located in North Kansas City, Missouri with award-winning cardiovascular and orthopedic programs.


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