Empowering Patients: Navigating Healthcare Financing Challenges with Confidence

September 19 | 11:00 am CT


In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, challenges such as high operating costs, mounting out-of-pocket expenses, and surging interest rates create financial hurdles that strain both patients and providers. The consequence? A precarious balance between quality care and fiscal well-being. As medical costs rise, patients often find themselves making tough decisions about the care they can afford, leading to a stressful healthcare journey and compromised health outcomes. Meanwhile, providers grapple with revenue setbacks and shrinking patient volumes, hindering their ability to deliver exceptional care.

So, how can we bridge the affordability gap between patients and providers without compromising on either’s needs? Join our webinar as we dive into the complex financial challenges and trends of the healthcare industry, how patient needs have changed over time, and how to better empower patients with the knowledge and tools to confidently navigate their financial journey through their health system.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a comprehensive understanding of the financial challenges and economic trends impacting the healthcare industry, including labor shortages, wage pressures, declining operating margins, and rising interest rates.
  • Examine how the modern patient’s needs have changed and how this impacts what patients expect financially from their healthcare provider.
  • Understand the repercussions of these challenges and changes on the patient experience as well as their ramifications on provider volume and revenue.
  • Explore various financial options available to patients to make informed decisions about their healthcare expenses.

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Buffy Loveday - TN HFMA
RVP, CarePayment


Chad Preston - TN HFMA
Regional VP Business Development, Med-Metrix


Chuck Acquisto - Music City AAHAM Chapter
Partner at Law Offices of Stephenson, Acquisto & Colman