Press Release

November 1, 2013

CarePayment’s New Mobile and Paperless Options Enhance Patient Convenience

CarePayment®, a fast-growing national provider of patient financing solutions, is making it easier for patients to pay using mobile devices and to opt out of receiving paper account statements. Starting November 1, enhancements to the CarePayment Member Portal enable patients to make payments, check balances and find due dates using any smart phone or tablet. The company, which makes payment programs available through hospitals and medical groups, also is offering patients the option of receiving electronic account statements only.

The new features reflect CarePayment’s dedication to ensuring choice and convenience for patients, who are among the growing number of consumers conducting more transactions online. A majority of U.S. adults, or 51%, bank online while 32% bank using their mobile phones, according to an August 2013 study by the Pew Research Center. Similarly, more people are interested in reducing the paper flood to their homes and managing more of their accounts online.

Enhancements to the CarePayment Member Portal are designed to improve self-service functionality, while reflecting the company’s dedication to providing convenient payment options and fostering patient satisfaction. The responsive and mobile-friendly Member Portal enables patients to make payments any time, any place, from any device. The Member Portal also provides access to patients’ electronic statements in one convenient location.

“Our mobile and paperless features are the latest ways CarePayment has leveraged consumer technology to improve the patient’s experience with the CarePayment financing programs,” says CarePayment CEO Craig Froude. “Patients can use the CarePayment Member Portal so it works best for them, from setting up automatic payments to choosing preferences for receiving statements. Our capabilities enable them to access information and pay any time, from any location and any device.”