Press Release

June 25, 2012

CarePayment Set To Introduce Enhancements

Program to create more flexibility for healthcare providers and patients

PORTLAND, Ore. – (June 21, 2012) – CarePayment, the leading patient loyalty platform that enables patients with the opportunity to pay their medical obligations over time, will begin introducing a series of enhancements in response to feedback from patients and healthcare providers.

Beginning this fall, CarePayment will be introducing new products, the first of which is a variable- payment-term program which expands the program’s core 25-month 0% APR program. The CarePayment program will maintain its non-discriminatory approval process for all patients while helping healthcare providers comply with applicable federal and state laws and address a new wave of consumer finance regulatory scrutiny.

“We have heard from our customers that greater flexibility in terms would make the CarePayment program even more useful to patients and healthcare providers,” said Craig Froude, CEO of CarePayment Technologies, Inc.

Froude said CarePayment will be partnering with healthcare revenue cycle management officials to develop the CarePayment variable terms program. Meanwhile, the company is exploring additional innovations to the patient loyalty and payments platform to address the issue of rising copays and deductibles.

Currently, CarePayment features a healthcare provider-branded 0% APR line of credit to help patients pay their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses over time. The program is active in more than 50 healthcare institutions nationwide, and is credited with improving patient satisfaction, growing market share and improving financial performance.