Press Release

March 29, 2011

CarePayment Announces Partnership with Another Pennsylvania Hospital

San Francisco, CA. — March 29, 2011 — CarePayment®, a unique healthcare financial services company, announced that it has partnered with Holy Redeemer Healthcare, a Pennsylvania hospital system.

Using a hospital-branded relationship card, CarePayment offers hospitals and health systems across the nation a patient-centric program that gives patients more flexibility and financial control over their healthcare spending. In the face of rising healthcare costs and insurance deductibles, the company’s program makes unexpected medical bills less burdensome for patients who are either presently uninsured or facing other out-of-pocket costs.

“Holy Redeemer is passionate about this space and saw CarePayment as a great opportunity to make a dual impact on their bottom line and on the patient experience,” says Scott Johnson, CarePayment’s VP of Sales.

CarePayment currently partners with dozens of progressive hospitals and health systems across the United States. Beyond the financial service, the program offers online portals for providers and patients as well as educational materials for patients.