January 22, 2016

Surprise Bills Targeted, Healthcare Consumers Not Savvy Shoppers and more in CarePayment’s News You Can Use

By CarePayment

High Deductibles Do Not Turn Healthcare Consumers into Savvy Shoppers Healthcare-Consumers-CarePayment

Fierce Health Payer reports findings from a recent JAMA study focused on insured adults who have purchased medical care this year. A consistent theme throughout the study found how high deductibles are not influencing the way consumers shop for care. In fact, adults with high deductible health plans (HDHPs) were no more likely to shop for care than those without HDHPs. Overall, only four percent of respondents comparison shopped.

Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Targets Surprise Bills from Out-of-Network Doctors

Pennsylvania is fighting surprise medical bills with new protections proposed by its state Insurance Commissioner, reports Healthcare Finance News. The commissioner will be drafting new legislation that is aimed to protect consumers from paying more than they are liable for. If the consumer has made “good-faith effort” in choosing in-network providers and/or received emergency care, the consumer will only be liable for their co-payment. From there, the insurer and provider work together to reach an agreement on payment.

Chris Christie Kills Bill requiring NJ Non-Profit Hospitals to Pay ‘Taxes’

The Hospital Community Service Contribution bill was pocket vetoed by New Jersey Governor Chris Christie this past Tuesday. According to Becker’s Hospital Review, the bill served as a way for non-profit hospitals to keep their tax-exempt status, but pay fees for public safety and municipal services. The fees include $2.50 per bed per day and $250 per satellite emergency facility per day. Governor Christie will work with New Jersey senators to draft a new bill.