Getting You Where You Want to Be

CarePayment is a healthcare finance company, not a collection agency or credit card company. We partner with healthcare providers to make available affordable medical financing that features:

0.00% APR for the life of the account. Pay off your outstanding balances without incurring any additional charges or potentially compromising your credit rating.

Low monthly payments as low as 4% of the total balance or $25 per month, whichever is greater.

No application needed

The opportunity to add new approved charges to your account from your participating healthcare provider, if you are current with payments. New approved charges will be consolidated into a single monthly statement. You will receive the same 0.00% APR on new charges and additional time to pay off the new balance.

Secure online portal. Make a payment, sign up for auto-pay, review your balance and transaction history, and more.

Several payment options: by mail, phone, online or by authorizing automatic monthly payments.

Accounts issued by WebBank, a Utah industrial bank. CarePayment also services payment plans offered through healthcare providers.