Managing medical debt can sometimes be complex.
That’s why health systems, hospitals, and medical groups partner

with CarePayment to provide their patients manageable, easy to
understand, interest-free (0.0% APR) payment options.
 CarePayment is not a
collection agency or credit card company.


You receive medical care from a hospital or other healthcare provider who partners with CarePayment.

After your insurance company pays its portion for the service, your provider may refer your remaining balance to CarePayment.

CarePayment sends a welcome kit that provides you a payment plan to help you pay the outstanding balance.


The welcome kit includes your first statement, and our Agreement and Initial Disclosure Statement. You enroll by making your first payment to CarePayment using one of our convenient payment options.

You continue to make manageable and on-time monthly payments to pay off the balance over time, and without interest or an early payoff penalty.

You can add future approved charges if your account is in good standing.


No interest for the life of the account, at 0.0% APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
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No application
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No impact on your credit score
Low monthly payments
Many convenient payment options
Option to add future approved charges


What is CarePayment?
The CarePayment program is a payment plan sponsored by participating healthcare providers to help you pay off your outstanding medical balance in manageable monthly payments, without interest fees or impact to your credit score.  learn more

How do I get started?
If you received a welcome kit from CarePayment in the mail and are ready to get started, just make your first payment to CarePayment either by mail, phone, or online. If you have not yet received anything in the mail and your hospital or healthcare provider offers CarePayment, contact them directly about signing up. learn more

Do I have to participate?
No. Participation in the CarePayment program is voluntary, without an application or impact to your credit. If you don’t want to use the CarePayment program to pay your balance due, your healthcare provider may require you to pay your balance in full. learn more

No interest on my initial charges ever. Really?
Yes, Really! The 0.0% APR (annual percentage rate) is NOT an introductory or promotional rate. Since the CarePayment program is sponsored by your healthcare provider, you will pay zero interest on your initial charges for the entire time you are making payments on your intitial charges. CarePayment currently offers 0.0% APR for additional charges added to your account.

What payment options are available?
There are many convenient ways to make your monthly payments to CarePayment:

  • Automatic recurring payments from your checking account or credit card
  • Online, register for account access through our secure Member Portal.
  • Over the phone, call 866.625.8532
  • By mail with a check or money order to:

P.O. Box 2398
Omaha, NE 68103

Is CarePayment a credit card?
No. The CarePayment program is an open-end line of credit sponsored by your healthcare provider to help you pay your outstanding balance due after insurance has paid their portion. The 0.0% annual percentage rate (APR) is in place for the life of your initial charges. CarePayment currently offers 0.0% APR for additional charges added to your account.

Where can I use my CarePayment Account?
CarePayment partners with hundreds of healthcare providers nationwide, serving more than a million patients. To find healthcare providers that sponsor CarePayment, visit  Find a Participating Provider.

What types of medical services can I use CarePayment for?
CarePayment is available for a wide variety of approved services. Check with your provider to confirm which services are eligible, as they can differ by hospital and healthcare provider. Certain services, such as dental visits or pharmacy services are not covered at this time.

Can I add new charges to my account?
Yes, if your CarePayment account is in good standing and you are not currently on a hardship plan, you can add approved charges from your participating health care provider to your account. Please note that not all charges are eligible, please check with your provider. learn more